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Innovocus & Social Investment Labs

Innovocus has been instrumental in the start-up phase of my new business, Social Investment Labs. Bringing their wealth of experience as high-tech entrepreneurs, we’ve been able to transform great ideas into a reality. Ben’s most significant asset is his network, and his ability to connect people with common goals and expertise to move things forward. His resources and strategy—which have led to technical solutions, development, and legal advisement—have proven invaluable to my company’s mission, and our team. I was impressed with the care and cost effectiveness of the counsel provided by Innovocus, as well as the firm’s ability to match our agile development framework with an agility of their own—in terms of understanding our vision, and also providing valuable expertise in a timely manner.

Sarah Willson CEO, Social Investment Labs

Social Investment Labs believes in the power of community

—both real-world and virtual—to drive change and create impact. That’s why we make giving simple, and personal. We craft social responsibility platforms to help you give + volunteer + connect with local nonprofit organizations. We’re also a full-service lab of web solutions + mobile applications, with transactional ease, including payroll deductions and grant applications. We provide the tools + technology + team of experts you need to address your unique requirements. Solve challenges + increase employee engagement—for a greater overall return on your community investment: – Project Implementation + Development – Design + Communications – Hosting + Licensing – Support + Maintenance Rest easy—we’re also 100% transparent, and your information is secure. We’re social investment, with heart.


About CEO of Social Investment Labs: Sarah Willson

Trusted Advisor, Business Process Expert, Solution Architect With over 15 years experience in IT Management and Finance—including 8 years as a Solution Architect leading large-scale, multi-million dollar SAP Retail implementations—Sarah specializes in bridging the gap between business and technology. Sarah has advised many global retail corporations on Strategic Roadmaps, Technical Solutions, Business Transformation, and Organizational Change to great success. She is valued for reducing complexity, accelerating progress, and realizing business priorities for the highest ROI. As CEO and Founder of Social Investment Labs, Sarah’s passion for social change is revolutionizing the way we think about giving in our communities.